Informed UX through goal directed design principles.

JAM UX Design

I use goal directed design principles to formulate a complete UX strategy, taking the guesswork out of building a great user experience. I approach UX design from an “inside out” perspective. Utilizing proven qualitative research methods, I am able to discern use patterns and gain deeper insights into user goals.

Read more about the goal-directed design process as articulated by its founder, Alan Cooper.

The work I do

The work I do involves a variety of design skills ranging from low-fidelity mock ups and wireframes to fully interactive prototypes for usability testing and stakeholder review. Great UX is built on a foundation of solid research. My UX work includes:

  • Interviews with product owners and project stakeholders
  • Competitive analysis reports
  • Contextual interviews with primary targeted users
  • Low fidelity wireframing
  • Interactive prototypes for usability testing
  • Personas
  • Articulating business goals and technical requirements
  • Visual design
  • User journey and experience mapping

 Case Studies

A sample of three case studies that cover some problematic UX issues.


Personas provide a reference point to design for primary, secondary, and tertiary users.


Multiple examples of web and mobile app wires and prototypes – both consumer and commercial.