Agent Portal Redesign – Navigation & Start a Quote


  • Broke up navigation into logical order and labeled accordingly
    • In figure 1.1 admin functions were grouped with product guides and reports
  • Card-sorted with analysts, agents and product owner
    • Agents and product owner hashed out navigation structure – tested with low-fidelity wires
figure 1.1 – navigation

Global Navigation Tabs

figure 1.2 – global navigation tabs & utility navigation

The solution I arrived at based on input from agents and product owner along with some low-fi usability testing was to break content into navigation tabs and incorporate standard utility navigation with key functions such as live chat, contact us, and logout.

  • Once the agent logs in, the default tab is the dashboard
  • Provide clear selected, hover, and active states for global navigation
  • Internal pages have secondary navigation column on the left – see figure 1.3

Secondary Navigation

figure 1.3 – secondary navigation

Start a Quote

FIRST Start a Quote – user has to decide which product to quote, then select a state from the drop list menu whereby they are then directed to enter zip code to start the quote

Updated Start a Quote

  • User selects either a new or existing customer
  • Enters Zip and then is served a drop list with available products for that area
  • User is now able to Start the Quote directly from dashboard