Agent Portal Redesign

Project Summary
The agent portal, aka FIRST, was in desperate need of an overhaul. In conducting a cursory competitive audit, it was readily apparent that the Stillwater agent portal was behind its main competitors from a UI perspective.

Research Methodologies

  • Contextual interviews with agents
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitor audits
  • Usability studies

FIRST (Agent Portal) Dashboard

Input highlights from Agents

  • Difficult to navigate
  • Really need enhanced search features
  • A way to see policy update notifications (currently receive email updates on policies)

Project Stakeholder input

  • Enhance Stillwatery incentive engagement
  • Easily afford agents to initiate quotes for both new and existing customers
  • Allow for easily accessible repository for policy notifications

Competitive audit

  • Viewing competitor agent portals indicated that Stillwater web portal UI was a liability to retaining and attracting independent agents to sell and manage policies


Common pain-point for agents is the Search feature whereby they have to select the search criteria first (Name, Policy/Quote Number, Zip Code) then enter corresponding search inquiry.

figure 1.4 – search
figure 1.5 – enhanced search
  • The main improvement to the search function was to allow the agent to simply enter the search inquiry into the search input field and search. The agent can enter policy or quote number, a first or last name, or an address – figure 1.5
  • Additionally, we provided the agent with an “advanced” search function that would allow them to refine their search to a more granular level – figure 1.6
figure 1.6 – advanced search