Case Study 1 – Balance Transfer

Enhanced Balance Transfer

The majority of consumer credit card balance transfers were being done via balance transfer “special offer” mailings enclosed with paper checks for the account holder to use to transfer external credit balances to their FNBO credit account. Balance transfers were available online, but in order to complete the process the account holder had to use a 3 digit code that would come with the offer in the mail.

Defining the problem

Competitive Audit

  • The majority of competitors have a 3 to 4 step balance transfer process
  • None required input of a offer code to transfer balances

Quantitative Analysis – Adobe Analytics

  • Very few balance transfer conversions in relation to other comparable banking features
  • The majority of lost conversions happened on the screen where the user is required to input offer code

Qualitative Analysis – TeaLeaf

  • Viewing TeaLeaf screen sessions we could confirm that the majority of users would quit the balance transfer process at the offer code input section


Based on a varied UX analysis it was determined that to convert more balance transfers online we needed to do the following

  • Removing the offer code requirement
  • Reduce the steps (screens) to complete online balance transfer (i.e. removed the credit limit increase within the balance transfer flow)
  • Enhance visibility of balance transfer sitewide for offer eligible account holders
  • Allow user to select from multiple “to” accounts that have balance transfer offers
  • Display the offers on balance transfer offer cards with a clear and easy affordance to proceed to the next step
  • Remove the 3 digit offer code entry requirement
  • Allow user to easily enter amount to transfer and provide feedback regarding remaining credit balance
  • Affordance made for making additional transfers
  • Confirm the amount being transferred