Customer Management – Mobile

The challenge was to translate the Customer Management section on the website to a mobile format.

Who does the Customer Management Serve?
The Customer Management’s primary user is an independent insurance agent that sells and manages Stillwater Insurance policies.

User Research

Contextual Interview Findings

  • Agents really liked the customer mgmt search function
  • Advanced search features are nice to have, not need to have

Usability Testing

  • Created interactive prototypes to test design with several agents and regional sales managers
  • Tests resulted in the decision to eliminate the advanced search function for mobile

Persona Development

  • Through conducting contextual interviews with agents, RSMs, and product owner(s) I developed a set of Personas to guide design

The Agent Portal web application has a Customer Management section that allows the agent to see policies at-a-glance and the provides the agent the ability to refine their view by enhanced search function. The majority of agents initiate a quote via the Start a Quote feature on the Agent Portal dashboard. The Customer Management section does provide the ability to start quotes, but through observation and interviews I discovered the overwhelming majority of agents did not start quotes in the CM section.

Start a Quote on Agent Portal dashboard
CM web app default view with general search function
CM web app advanced search expanded vie

1 – Enter Search Criteria
Agent can refine display by searching by Policy/Quote #, Client name and/or Address

2 – Display Results
The search results with option to clear and return to default display

1 – Expanded View
Tapping the policy link will expand to a detail view
2 – Drop List
Provide secondary navigation functions for policy – these are in Action column in the Agent Portal web app

3 – Sorting
Agent can sort by tapping Name, Policy/Quote or State