Quick Quote + Purchase Policy

The rate for users engaging with the Quick Quote process and converting them into purchasing a policy was under 20%. Our competitors were converting at a 45% rate.

Defining the Problem

Qualitative Analysis

  • Conducted customer interviews and received feedback that process to purchase a policy from Quick Quote was cumbersome and not intuitive.
  • Users consistently said that they felt it was easier to simply call an agent to purchase a policy.

Quantitative Analysis

  • Adobe analytics showed us that users were dropping off in the Modify Coverage and Questions section
  • Competitive audits indicated that we were vastly under-performing in converting from Quick Quote to purchased policy by roughly 25%

Screens of existing Quick Quote flow

UI Design Recommendations

  • Visually separate Quick Quote and Purchase Policy flows more clearly
  • Merge Account set-up and contact information into one section rather than separate sections/screens
  • Limit the number of Questions to 4 – 5 per screen instead of one long scroll

UX Goals

  • Clarity – impart a sense of clarity for the user. They should know exactly where they are at in the process and what is next
  • Essential – remove all but the vital information required to get the following:
    • A Quick Quote
    • Purchase a policy
  • Simplicity – apply design patterns that reinforce the simplicity and ease of completing an online purchase of a policy

Enhanced screens for Quick Quote and Purchase Policy